Bagri Maro and the Matacaballos

Bagri Maro is the hero of Tales of a Horse Scorpion, a series of novels by Raymond Lully. The setting of the novels is a future Earth where humans have become extinct and the world is dominated by five races of intelligent arthropods. Wm. Yost said he encountered the work of Raymond Lully in his early teens, when he saw the novels in a comic book, in a depiction of Dr. Strange’s library by Steve Ditko.

Periphery View with a Betokened Apparition

…and finally, the GLP Halloween offering for 2017. This comic is based on one of my visual poems, “The Jolly Crowded House Dream”, which you can view in its entirety as a poster or as a t-shirt. I will continue to offer these kinds of products as long as it’s fun for me to see my visual poetry as apparel on computer models. The various posters, art prints, mini-skirts, mugs, etc. are not limited editions according to a strict definition of the term, but if anyone purchased something, they would own a one-of-a-kind or extremely limited edition by circumstances. The circumstances mostly depend on my patience for the lessons in humility I receive from these types of online marketplaces. They are valuable lessons, I guess, but not materially remunerative.

© 2017 lcmt

Geranium Lake Properties, “The Return of the Eye-Spider”

© Aunt Yinya 2015

Those of you who are viewing today’s Halloween comic on Facebook, you will need to click through to my blog site to see the other 95%. Members of the Tiki House Clan especially need to follow through, because they are the only ones who will fully understand the title.

Geranium Lake Properties, hollow carotenoid sunset

© lcmt 2015

It’s Halloween week and this is the first of three GLP cartoons dedicated to Jack Loki’s second favorite holiday. (His favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day.) The second Halloween panel will appear on Thursday, the third on Saturday–on the very day of All Saints’ Eve. There will be no Sunday cartoon.