I was watching people save their horses from the Creek Fire in Los Angeles county, and this panel came to mind.

Fire mares can be found in the movie Krull, but written on the back of this panel is the name “Elora Danan“. Yost’s taste in classical music was anything but highbrow. His favorite symphonies were the 5th, 6th and 9th by Beethoven, and he loathed string quartets and Philip Glass. What he liked best were movie soundtracks, especially anything by James Horner. From Battle Beyond the Stars to The Mask of Zorro, his collection of James Horner soundtracks from the 80’s and 90’s was nearly complete, missing only Humanoids from the Deep, The Pelican Brief and Bicentennial Man. The collection was all on vinyl. Many of the movies he had seen only once, or not at all. Yost’s favorite soundtrack was from the movie Willow, a movie he identified as a guilty pleasure. He said on more than one occasion that if GLP was a movie, it would have a James Horner soundtrack that sounded a lot like Willow.

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A Most Sacred Round Song

This GLP panel is almost an appropriate commencement for the month of carols. It’s greenish, and green is one of the two Christmas colors, so I consider it close enough, despite its June date. A prayer to the patron divinity of travelers, a plea to unblock the flow of water, i.e.,”the heart-stamping sea”.

Much more suitable to the season is the Byopia Press Advent Calendar of Stars project. I am determined to find time to make some origami stars from Day 2.

Rainwater Mama

Yost often challenged other artists to make Geranium Lake Propeties comics. For a shy eccentric, he could be surprising brazen when inviting people to participate in the GLP universe. Al Hischfeld, Saul Steinberg, Charles Addams, Shel Silverstein (who all declined) were among the many Yost asked to contribute a GLP panel.

Today’s post is by Gina Garey, who worked as an inker and colorist for Marvel Comics in the 70’s and 80’s, when she was married to editor Fred Garey. She started her career at the age of 17, painting animation cels. Her divorce from Garey ended her employment with Marvel, but she immediately found a job at DC Comics, where she worked for five years, then she quit comics altogether. After that she dedicated herself to making zines and mail art. She came out of professional retirement in 1993 to work with Vertigo Comics until 1996. She died in 2001 of cancer at the age of 72. She always signed her zine and mail art as “uggi”. At Marvel, DC and Vertigo she was always credited as Gina Garey, even after her divorce. Her legal name was Ursula Regina Garey Iversen.

GLP historian Michael Veerduer has a theory that “hrera dachre” was derived from four names of democratically-elected leaders who were assassinated by CIA, but he has not been able to decode it and tell us the four names.

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Ossva is for Ossvanian ivory…

“Ossva is for Ossvanian ivory, which comes from the buttons shed every winter by Ossvaniyra. The buttons are gathered by children in early spring after the snow melts, a tradition comparable to an Easter egg hunt. Ossvaniyra are semifossorial, and their burrows are sometimes spoiled by the unchecked enthusiasm of immature humans. A few of the more unruly children may disappear during the button gathering. Ossvaniyra are not over-large but they are omnivorous, and a small brat can make a tasty treat. The buttons are carved by tinsmiths into traditional shapes like cabbages, beetles and rabbits.”

Top image: Decorative captial letter Ossva, shaped as an Ossvaniyr.
Bottom image: My usual lousy photograph of the cheap paperback edition from the seventies. You can see the 1926 first edition cover here.

The Tale of the Rust-Stained Jug

Six Tales from the Glorious Assemblage of Haberdashers is an imaginary book by Abby Ashier Chertsey. It was a once-cherished but mostly forgotten childhood classic for Wm. Yost, imaginary author of Geranium Lake Properties. Yost accidentally encountered Chertsey in 1995, in her garden on Bryher island, when he was on a tour of small British islands. Yost had stopped to admire a hillside of daffodils, and subsequently was rescued by the 103-year-old Chertsey from the affections of her mixed-breed wolfhound, a very large and exuberant puppy named Penarddun, called Penny, or Bad Penny.

Frog Mothers

This visual poem is a piece that belongs to a longer work, an epic in the classical sense, if you can use that term for asemic/abstract visual poetry. The title of the whole epic is Uui Maram gret Dway Haernowt or Uui Maram grof Dway Haernoth. I once knew what that means, but I’m not sure any more, I hope I wrote it down somewhere.

Posters of my work are 40% off until one minute before midnight on Sunday. At that price, you don’t need to worry about framing or rag mats or glass with UV protection. You can just tack or tape “Frog Mothers” to a wall, door, or next to a “Resist” poster on any bulletin board.

Geranium Lake Properties, orient are

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Yost scribbled in pencil on the back of this comic:


Tomorrow, Jan. 6, is the feast of the Epiphany, the commemoration of the visit of Magi, the Three Wise Men. We called it Three Kings Day, although we had no king cake tradition in my family. For us it was really just the day we took down the tinder-dry fire-hazard that was once our Christmas tree. It took more than a day, or more than a week, to put all the decorations in their boxes, but the boxes eventually were stored in the rafters of the garage.

“We Three Kings” was one of my favorite carols when I was a kid, even though I did not understand half the lyrics. The verse about myrrh was especially puzzling to a child:

Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume
Breathes a life of gathering gloom
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying
Sealed in the stone-cold tomb

Not at all merry merry Christmas-like. It was spooky and fun to sing.