Three Square Assurances from the World-Sharers

From 1985 comes one of my fave GLP misprints made by Newark’s Star-Ledger. Bottom image is the correct version of “Three Square Assurances from the World-Sharers”. If you’ve been paying attention, you know which of the two was Yost’s favorite.

Lin Tarczynski
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Oops, a calendar

We have traveled already a week into the new year and I realize no one has given me a calendar this year, not even my insurance company. So I made one for myself, using stuff from the Geranium Lake Properties Pattern Book:

I did not intend to make a calendar for sale this year, for no good (or bad) reason, my mind was simply occupied with other things. But since I had to make a calendar for myself, it was no trouble to put that calendar on the market at Zazzle.

Zazzle is having a sale right now (when are they not having a sale?) 50 percent off calendars.

A Plain Gallop Overstride Onto A Cramped Anti-Djinn Jamboree

Two-thirds of the newspapers that originally printed this Geranium Lake Properties panel in 1987 used the word “Overstrike” instead of “Overstride” in the caption. Looking at a Xerox copy of the handwritten note that accompanied the artwork, I can’t really tell if the letter in question is a “d” or a “k”.

We sometimes refer to the captions for GLP comics as titles, but the correct term is caption.

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