A Tale of Congenial Confusion Between Bronze, Iron, Calico and Velveteen

No-one noticed that this story was unfinished until five years later, when Yost published “The Conclusion To A Tale of Congenial Confusion Between Bronze, Iron, Calico and Velveteen”.

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I have been caught somewhere between the flu and a querulous reluctance to begin the new year, so here we are, 23 days into January, catching up with the universe according to Geranium Lake Properties.

Beriwa Tholdry is one of the Four Twilight Kingdoms in Geranium Lake Properties. It has been almost universally accepted among fans of GLP that the names of the Twilight Kingdoms are anagrams of friends or relatives of Wm. Yost, who had his own rules for making the anagrams he used in GLP comics. Most of the rules he kept secret, I know only two of them. He never used the letter “p” except under special circumstances, and he always made four letter changes. Four was a number of extraordinary significance for Yost.

One of my friends over at Ello, comandantechispas, a true master of anagrams, came up with a notable solution to the “Beriwa Tholdry” anagram: “writable hydro”. Writable water as a concept seems to me an entirely suitable (and perhaps even essential) element in the GLP universe.

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A Coquelicot Hypergraphic Object

I am not sure how consistent I have been with tagging the various hypergraphic objects encountered in Geranium Lake Properties. Still, you can find more examples under the hypergaphic object and hypergraphia links.

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November I Remember

A certain amount of exposition accompanies each of these Geranium Lake Properties comics from November–you may want to make use of the links to the original posts. The first one is “Invoking the Name of the Mystery as Elilim and Kochavim“, the second is “Rainwater Mama“.

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Holiday’s End

From October, “The Procession of Entropy”, which is the great holiday season for jackalopes. Today, December 31rst, is actually the last day of the holiday, which began on October 15th. A few jackalopes will continue to celebrate the Procession of Entropy until Three Kings’ Day on January 6th, but for most of us the Procession ends tonight at midnight. The tradition is to be in bed at midnight, with a penny and a piece of peppermint under your pillow. You can be asleep or awake. If you’re awake, you can get out of bed after midnight, eat the peppermint, watch Twilight Zone, or MythBusters, or do whatever you were doing before midnight.

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From July: Never Did A Ruddy Linguist Boast a Brick Building

On this last day of the year, we continue with our look back, month by month, at the year that was Geranium Lake Properties 2017. From July, one of my Top Ten Favorite Titles of 2017.

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From May: The Tale of the Rust-Stained Jug

Six Tales from the Glorious Assemblage of Haberdashers is an imaginary book by Abby Ashier Chertsey. It was a once-cherished but mostly forgotten childhood classic for Wm. Yost, imaginary author of Geranium Lake Properties. Yost accidentally encountered Chertsey in 1995, in her garden on Bryher island, when he was on a tour of small British islands. Yost had stopped to admire a hillside of daffodils, and subsequently was rescued by the 103-year-old Chertsey from the affections of her mixed-breed wolfhound, a very large and exuberant puppy named Penarddun, called Penny, or Bad Penny.

Also from May, “Extract one punctilio from the left-brained munificence”:

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