Fiery Gold Autumn

Lin Tarczynski
© 2018

I have been on vacation, sort of. I took what I like to call (with reasonable accuracy) a mental health break. I stayed away from all social media for roughly 3 months, and I came back on September 26th with Facebook and Tumblr. Tumblr is the easiest media platform for me to use, Facebook is the most annoying, but FB is inescapable because most members of my family use it instead of actually calling me and talking to me.

Since my hiatus ended, I have posted 11 new GLP comics at my Tumblr, A Black Brick, in less than a month. I wish there was a scintillating story about why that blog is called “A Black Brick”, but there’s really no story at all. I should make something up. If you like to wait for good things to come to you, I will be posting all of the new stuff here.

We fled through streets paved with sodium vapor, leaving the burnt shadows of catastrophe behind us.
Lin Tarczynski
© 2018

A Coquelicot Hypergraphic Object

I am not sure how consistent I have been with tagging the various hypergraphic objects encountered in Geranium Lake Properties. Still, you can find more examples under the hypergaphic object and hypergraphia links.

© 2018 lcmt

He and his brother watched clouds of lizard energy cluster and accelerate

Below is another offering from my library of imaginary books, this image comes from An Ornate Asemic Alphabet in Monstrose Forms, by Davida Elzevir-Dewey and Joanna Vandy, George H. Doran Company, 1926

…and a gif, mostly asemic, titled “Southern Cross”, and somehow connected to the song by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

© 2017 lcmt