Black and White

Lots of great stuff in Issue 9 of Brave New Word, including my series of short abstract comics, “Meanwhile…”

I went to a used book sale on Friday, and one of my more expensive finds (still a bargain at $5) was a battered library discard, a book about the history of artists books. It is a representation of the 1994-1995 exhibition, A Century of Artists Books, from the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The book is a nice bit of thrift sale treasure, but I can only get a glimpse of a cover, or a couple of pages, from each featured book. Among them, I discovered Quatre Histoires de blance et noire by František (Frank) Kupka.

Luckily for me, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco has online images of the 26 woodcuts from Quatre Histoires at their site. I stole a few to put up here.

Geranium Lake Properties, undergo four pinpoints

Geranium Lake Properties, undergo four pinpoints
© lcmt 2016

Gettin’ back in touch with the black-and-white roots of GLP. Also the nonsensical and/or implausible titles.

Asemic comics will still be published here three times a week, on Tuesday(or Monday), Thursday(or Friday) and Sunday (or Saturday). The schedule for GLP might be somewhat irregular for a few weeks, as we settle into the new year.