The wife of one entirely unknown

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

The glyphs in this panel were made from a font called Asemicism, created by Tony Burhouse/Gene Mutation. I can’t leave well enough alone, of course, so the letters are smooshed and flipped any which way. My interpretation of today’s comic appears below, but before you read it, I would be pleased if you take some time to indulge your own imagination. There is no correct interpretation of my asemic work. If you prefer to ignore my interpretation in favor of your own, that’s totally okay.


What cartoon hero doesn’t have a much-imperiled girlfriend? Jack Loki’s significant other is dainty, sweet-tempered, ridge-backed, clodhopping Alice Aroumbeyski, portrayed here as a saucy Martian pin-up girl. Or boy. Or it. Alice was once described, with solemn sagacity, by her four-year-old cousin Sophia, as a “cobra-zebra with stickin’-up hair and bad neck”.


4 thoughts on “The wife of one entirely unknown

    • I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Tony was among the first people who made me feel welcomed in the asemic writing community. We worked on A Kick in the Eye together.


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