My secret paper life

Zazzle is having a sale on business cards. I have no need for a business card at this time in my life, but Zazzle has really good sales which are hard to resist. Especially for a paper addict with a printing fetish. So I made a design for an anti-business card (v. 3):

Flip side:

I wasn’t happy with it until I added the red. It’s just what I want for an anti-business card. It sells nothing (I hope). I am not going to really print it, because even on sale I can’t justify the ten bucks, but Zazzle has great sales on other things. You just have to be patient and wait till you can get those 50 or 60% discounts. Like, for greeting cards:


Yes, this is Geranium Lake Properties as greeting cards. I don’t know if you can tell from my crummy photograph, but the color is brilliant. I was amazed at some of the fine details and subtle changes of shade that were reproduced, stuff that gets lost or blurred on t-shirts and mugs. I could not be more pleased, and I want to share that pleasure.

Today is the Summer Solstice. Between now and my birthday (which might be in late July or early August) I will be mailing cards to people, for free. I have a finite number of cards and a small budget for postage. If I run out of either cards or money before my birthday, this card giveaway will end. You can e-mail me your snail mail address (You did noticed my e-mail address in this post, didn’t you?), or message me on Facebook or Tumblr.

Each card will be signed by me, with a note written in my natural asemic hand, which you may decipher as you wish, or not. You can see an example of my asemic handwriting here, but it changes a little almost every time I write.


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