Our Blue Sagrada Samana

This was Yost’s response to the Joseph Cornell box Toward the Blue Peninsula. The box was Cornell’s response to a poem by Emily Dickinson. Yost wrote in pencil on the back of the original art: “It might be easier to fail with land in sight than gain our blue sagrada samana.” You can see another version here.

I am a little disappointed with Zazzle this morning. I have made some changes in the collections at the I Galosh shop, and now the interface is sulking and refusing to show the contents of those collections. After years of using Zazzle, I have no expectations of it as a marketplace, but I have evolved a place for it in my creative process. It has become one of my dreambooks, and I would wish that others could partake of that function. Luckily, however messed up the browsing experience might be, the links are working fine, so I can continue with this bluish theme and show you a Geranium Lakes Property retrospective made into a poster.

Twenty Shades of Yonder

Samsara Cycle Calendar

Zazzle is having a 50% off sale on calendars, which means you can finally get your own Samsara Cycle calendar. I meant to post this earlier but there’s still a day left on the sale. I printed a few of these calendars last year, I was happy with the way they came out, and I sold them locally. Last month I opened a public storefront at Zazzle. The color on the stuff they print on paper–cards, posters, calendars–is gorgeous. I really like the mugs too, but you might want to wait for a better sale on those.