When this Hawthorn Winter Grows Remote

I had set aside my art-making for a while. I thought about doing something else, maybe writing, maybe nothing. I have had days of doing nothing, and I’m grateful for them. So much of my life has changed in the last few years. And now strange days have found us. (Too many songs by the Doors to make a link here. Besides the obvious, “Strange Days” and “People are Strange”, there is also “When the Music’s Over”, “Touch Me” and “Break on Through to the Other Side”. My pick would be “Moonlight Drive”. Let’s swim to the moon.) I am slowly getting back to making new Geranium Lake Properties comics. I have been looking through some of my old image files, and when I feel the urge to chop them up and make something different out of the pieces, I don’t resist.

With lots of time on my hands, I have been adapting GLP comics into the designs of latte mugs. Posters and latte mugs are 50% off at Zazzle right now, so I took advantage of the cheap price.

If you would like to put your own art on a latte mug, let me say that the design tool at Zazzle takes some time to master, but you do have a bit of time before the sale ends at a minute before midnight on April 13. We’re all learning to live in a new world anyway, so yeah, let’s all learn to sew breathing masks and design latte mugs!

Our Blue Sagrada Samana

This was Yost’s response to the Joseph Cornell box Toward the Blue Peninsula. The box was Cornell’s response to a poem by Emily Dickinson. Yost wrote in pencil on the back of the original art: “It might be easier to fail with land in sight than gain our blue sagrada samana.” You can see another version here.

I am a little disappointed with Zazzle this morning. I have made some changes in the collections at the I Galosh shop, and now the interface is sulking and refusing to show the contents of those collections. After years of using Zazzle, I have no expectations of it as a marketplace, but I have evolved a place for it in my creative process. It has become one of my dreambooks, and I would wish that others could partake of that function. Luckily, however messed up the browsing experience might be, the links are working fine, so I can continue with this bluish theme and show you a Geranium Lakes Property retrospective made into a poster.

Twenty Shades of Yonder

Samsara Cycle Calendar

Zazzle is having a 50% off sale on calendars, which means you can finally get your own Samsara Cycle calendar. I meant to post this earlier but there’s still a day left on the sale. I printed a few of these calendars last year, I was happy with the way they came out, and I sold them locally. Last month I opened a public storefront at Zazzle. The color on the stuff they print on paper–cards, posters, calendars–is gorgeous. I really like the mugs too, but you might want to wait for a better sale on those.