Geranium Lake Properties, undergo four pinpoints

Geranium Lake Properties, undergo four pinpoints
© lcmt 2016

Gettin’ back in touch with the black-and-white roots of GLP. Also the nonsensical and/or implausible titles.

Asemic comics will still be published here three times a week, on Tuesday(or Monday), Thursday(or Friday) and Sunday (or Saturday). The schedule for GLP might be somewhat irregular for a few weeks, as we settle into the new year.

Geranium Lake Properties, fifth quadrant of gauss


© lcmt 2015

One of these is another misprinted cartoon from Newark’s Star-Ledger. Can you guess which? The Star-Ledger gave it the caption “Journey into the fifth quadrant.”

Asemic comics are published here three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.