The shape of work

Work-in-progress, no name, no concept, just a shape I love, and a relaxing contemplation of whatever flits through my mind. The first color variation:


Pieces of the Red Devil

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a GLP panel and an invocation for my youngest sister, whose doctor is switching her up to a new chemo. The new chemical has a nickname, the Red Devil. These are two bits that have been incorporated into a work I’m calling “Luck of the Red Devil”.

We are by no means monolithic

© 2017 lcmt

It may seem like I no longer have a schedule for posting Geranium Lake Properties, but Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes Saturday, of every week are still my targets. I was expecting to post this one yesterday, but halfway through making it, the universe dragged me off into another direction. The result was a second variation of today’s panel, and no comic posted yesterday.

The second variation is evolving into a larger piece, the working title is “Dpajor’s Tree”. Here’s a hint of what it looks like in progress:


Abstract Comics

Clippings from two of my latest abstract comic pages. I have around 30 pages completed, from different projects. Some are three to eight pages in length, they could be short stories, or perhaps fairy tales. Others are a single page, they could be poems. It’s too early to be definite, and I am still making more pages, but I could make an anthology out of them. It would be timely for me to publish another book in 2017.

Other Etiquettes




Four years ago, I started posting pages for my asemic graphic novel Esgr Navigator on Tumblr. This novel of 229 pages has only appeared online, which is how I originally intended for it to exist, but a couple of months ago I started to explore what it would take to print it on paper. Before I got very far in the process, I decided to edit out a few pages that made me wince. Then I started to re-write, chopping up or aggregating pages, or combining them with new details. Then I started to add words into spaces that seem to beg for text. Then I had to stop and give the project a new title, Zomynesgr Avigatorsin, because it was becoming something else.

You can view another page from the project here.

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski