Utterance Rock

Another piece of this work-in-progress. I think the artwork is done, but the story behind it is coming more slowly. So far, I have only two sentences: “Thirty miles northwest of a small village named Pisinemo (or Pisin Mo’o) is an inscribed stone, overgrown in a copse of ironwood, cholla and whitethorn acacia. The inscription refers to a very popular poem in the rustic dialect, about the heroine Roya Teymu, who recoverd the use of her mutilated limbs at this sacred site.” That info is from an old pamphlet, “A Brief History of Utterance Rock’, Oracle Junction Press, 1956, 16 pages (which I found tucked in one of my imaginary books).

We are by no means monolithic

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It may seem like I no longer have a schedule for posting Geranium Lake Properties, but Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes Saturday, of every week are still my targets. I was expecting to post this one yesterday, but halfway through making it, the universe dragged me off into another direction. The result was a second variation of today’s panel, and no comic posted yesterday.

The second variation is evolving into a larger piece, the working title is “Dpajor’s Tree”. Here’s a hint of what it looks like in progress:


Abstract Comics

Clippings from two of my latest abstract comic pages. I have around 30 pages completed, from different projects. Some are three to eight pages in length, they could be short stories, or perhaps fairy tales. Others are a single page, they could be poems. It’s too early to be definite, and I am still making more pages, but I could make an anthology out of them. It would be timely for me to publish another book in 2017.

Other Etiquettes




Four years ago, I started posting pages for my asemic graphic novel Esgr Navigator on Tumblr. This novel of 229 pages has only appeared online, which is how I originally intended for it to exist, but a couple of months ago I started to explore what it would take to print it on paper. Before I got very far in the process, I decided to edit out a few pages that made me wince. Then I started to re-write, chopping up or aggregating pages, or combining them with new details. Then I started to add words into spaces that seem to beg for text. Then I had to stop and give the project a new title, Zomynesgr Avigatorsin, because it was becoming something else.

You can view another page from the project here.

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