Fiery Gold Autumn

Lin Tarczynski
© 2018

I have been on vacation, sort of. I took what I like to call (with reasonable accuracy) a mental health break. I stayed away from all social media for roughly 3 months, and I came back on September 26th with Facebook and Tumblr. Tumblr is the easiest media platform for me to use, Facebook is the most annoying, but FB is inescapable because most members of my family use it instead of actually calling me and talking to me.

Since my hiatus ended, I have posted 11 new GLP comics at my Tumblr, A Black Brick, in less than a month. I wish there was a scintillating story about why that blog is called “A Black Brick”, but there’s really no story at all. I should make something up. If you like to wait for good things to come to you, I will be posting all of the new stuff here.

We fled through streets paved with sodium vapor, leaving the burnt shadows of catastrophe behind us.
Lin Tarczynski
© 2018

A Canticle for Horus Venose

Horus Venose is a deity that started nudging its way into my consciousness several months ago. I have yet to find any myths about him, but images of his physical appearance occasionally flicker into the view of my mind’s eye. He might not be a god of the Jackalopian cosmos that underpins Geranium Lake Properties, and I am not yet sure where he belongs.

© 2018 lcmt

A Tile From the Kitchen on Eleanor Avenue

Yost’s depiction of a tile from the kitchen floor of the Other Space Museum and Coffee House. Cardamom is the signature spice at the Coffee House. I can recommend the Latte for the Sky (cardamom and coconut milk). The image below gives you an idea of how the tiles were laid out.

© 2018 lcmt

The Road That Must Be Travelled

A while ago, when I was first working on this invocation, my idea of what it was about was wrong, or at least incomplete. I had to wait. Time has always been a crucial element in my work. I had to give the universe time to filter through me, change me, and change what I was making. With this piece, it was not until I had a conversation with my sister Susan that I realized its final shape, when she spoke of a dark road.

© 2018 lcmt

Inanna Ascendant

Dreaming of the vernal equinox.

The furnace in my house is old, and last year it quit half-way through the winter. Since I live in a climate where the winters are not harsh, and I could not afford to pay a repair guy to come out and just look at my furnace, I bundled up in extra layers and shivered through the remainder of the winter. It was a small commonplace adventure, I enjoyed it, and I liked the money I saved.

I lived through the warmer seasons with a cold furnace gathering dust, and as the nights grew longer again, I resolved to make it through this entire winter season without trying to repair the furnace. By the middle of February, spring has usually arrived in this part of California. Not this year. February was a month of freezing nights, frosty mornings, and dry days of cold blue skies.

© 2018 lin tarczynski

Black and White

Lots of great stuff in Issue 9 of Brave New Word, including my series of short abstract comics, “Meanwhile…”

I went to a used book sale on Friday, and one of my more expensive finds (still a bargain at $5) was a battered library discard, a book about the history of artists books. It is a representation of the 1994-1995 exhibition, A Century of Artists Books, from the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The book is a nice bit of thrift sale treasure, but I can only get a glimpse of a cover, or a couple of pages, from each featured book. Among them, I discovered Quatre Histoires de blance et noire by František (Frank) Kupka.

Luckily for me, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco has online images of the 26 woodcuts from Quatre Histoires at their site. I stole a few to put up here.