Medusa cannot be appeased by flowers, Baba Yaga is not honored by pretty balloons

© 2017 lcmt
I did not expect today’s GLP comic to be about Valentine’s Day. While I was working on the comic, the universe whispered the name “Medusa” into my ear, and again the name “Baba Yaga”. At another time, the universe said, “kingqueen”. Also “mother-in-law”, which made me think of the mother of Jack Loki’s girlfriend. (Jack Loki did eventually become Alice Aroumbeyski’s fiancé, but no wedding took place in the panels of Geranium Lake Properties.)

This morning when I went grocery shopping, I walked into a supermarket crowded with men of all ages. I can’t remember the last time I shopped for groceries on Valentine’s Day, so I had no idea the supermarket had become The Place To Go for valentines. Men everywhere were loading themselves up with flowers, candy, stuffed animals, and a dizzying selection of very shiny heart-shaped helium balloons, in shades of red, pink and silver.

The somewhat wry (or perhaps even dour) title for today’s comic finished writing itself.