Inanna Ascendant

Dreaming of the vernal equinox.

The furnace in my house is old, and last year it quit half-way through the winter. Since I live in a climate where the winters are not harsh, and I could not afford to pay a repair guy to come out and just look at my furnace, I bundled up in extra layers and shivered through the remainder of the winter. It was a small commonplace adventure, I enjoyed it, and I liked the money I saved.

I lived through the warmer seasons with a cold furnace gathering dust, and as the nights grew longer again, I resolved to make it through this entire winter season without trying to repair the furnace. By the middle of February, spring has usually arrived in this part of California. Not this year. February was a month of freezing nights, frosty mornings, and dry days of cold blue skies.

© 2018 lin tarczynski

A lack of seasons

On the very day of the autumn equinox I posted this image on Facebook, commemorating the first time I donned my nightcap this season. It also was the last time. The promise of that cold, foggy morning evaporated in a heat wave. In an attempt at internet magic, my next post today will be a review of fall-colored panels from Geranium Lake Properties; I hope to invoke a change of season. We are dusty and dry and tired of blue skies and warm days. May I have some weather, please?