A Canticle for Horus Venose

Horus Venose is a deity that started nudging its way into my consciousness several months ago. I have yet to find any myths about him, but images of his physical appearance occasionally flicker into the view of my mind’s eye. He might not be a god of the Jackalopian cosmos that underpins Geranium Lake Properties, and I am not yet sure where he belongs.

© 2018 lcmt

A Tile From the Kitchen on Eleanor Avenue

Yost’s depiction of a tile from the kitchen floor of the Other Space Museum and Coffee House. Cardamom is the signature spice at the Coffee House. I can recommend the Latte for the Sky (cardamom and coconut milk). The image below gives you an idea of how the tiles were laid out.

© 2018 lcmt

Ishar Ubak, or the Mystery of the Red Envelope

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski
“In 1992, from May 11th to September 7th, Wm. Yost produced twenty-one panels depicting the Hila Station Map. What [the station] is exactly has never been explained, or where it is, what country, what planet, but I think of Zoo Station, and Bratsk Station, and the Paris Metro, the London Underground, the New York Subway, places as mythical as the canals of Mars.”