The Tale of the Rust-Stained Jug

Six Tales from the Glorious Assemblage of Haberdashers is an imaginary book by Abby Ashier Chertsey. It was a once-cherished but mostly forgotten childhood classic for Wm. Yost, imaginary author of Geranium Lake Properties. Yost accidentally encountered Chertsey in 1995, in her garden on Bryher island, when he was on a tour of small British islands. Yost had stopped to admire a hillside of daffodils, and subsequently was rescued by the 103-year-old Chertsey from the affections of her mixed-breed wolfhound, a very large and exuberant puppy named Penarddun, called Penny, or Bad Penny.

Six Tales from the Glorious Assemblage of Haberdashers

“Six Tales from the Glorious Assemblage of Haberdashers” is a Geranium Lake Properties series that has occupied my attention for several days. Here are two pieces of a poster I am working on, plus I made some products at RedBubble while I fret over details:

Carnelian Galena Capriccio

Carnelian Galena Capriccio, v2

Carnelian Galena Capriccio, v3

Samsara Cycle Calendar

Zazzle is having a 50% off sale on calendars, which means you can finally get your own Samsara Cycle calendar. I meant to post this earlier but there’s still a day left on the sale. I printed a few of these calendars last year, I was happy with the way they came out, and I sold them locally. Last month I opened a public storefront at Zazzle. The color on the stuff they print on paper–cards, posters, calendars–is gorgeous. I really like the mugs too, but you might want to wait for a better sale on those.