The Tale of the Rust-Stained Jug

Six Tales from the Glorious Assemblage of Haberdashers is an imaginary book by Abby Ashier Chertsey. It was a once-cherished but mostly forgotten childhood classic for Wm. Yost, imaginary author of Geranium Lake Properties. Yost accidentally encountered Chertsey in 1995, in her garden on Bryher island, when he was on a tour of small British islands. Yost had stopped to admire a hillside of daffodils, and subsequently was rescued by the 103-year-old Chertsey from the affections of her mixed-breed wolfhound, a very large and exuberant puppy named Penarddun, called Penny, or Bad Penny.

Frog Mothers

This visual poem is a piece that belongs to a longer work, an epic in the classical sense, if you can use that term for asemic/abstract visual poetry. The title of the whole epic is Uui Maram gret Dway Haernowt or Uui Maram grof Dway Haernoth. I once knew what that means, but I’m not sure any more, I hope I wrote it down somewhere.

Posters of my work are 40% off until one minute before midnight on Sunday. At that price, you don’t need to worry about framing or rag mats or glass with UV protection. You can just tack or tape “Frog Mothers” to a wall, door, or next to a “Resist” poster on any bulletin board.

Four Posters

For the last week or more I have been feeling figuratively swamped (but not literally, we are still rain-free and drought-stricken) in several areas of my life, and I feel I have neglected my responsibilities here. This is a “Catch you all up” effort to show off some things I have made. These are all poster designs. I was not planning to make any of these images into posters when I started them, usually my posters start as possible GLP comics. If you haven’t guessed already, you should realize that Geranium Lake Properties comics are a wellspring and a hotbed of creativity for me.
The working title for this first one was “Quarter” but the universe insists that I call it “Fingersticks outside the carnival trailer”.

This second poster, along with the third one (below), helped me work my way out of a dispirited mood. I try to find other words than “depression” for my reoccurring malaise–this time I called it “the doldrums”. The title for the second poster is “Chrysanthemum Arrangements”. The third is “Mary, Queen of Mars”:


“This could be your name, no. 159” is my new, not-very-asemic signature, representing my intitials L C M T:

A number of people need to take responsibility for this last poster, title: “Koborlqyn Monstrance”. (Koborlqyn is a made-up name, you don’t need to google it, unless you want to find things to do in Kooralbyn, Australia.) Wikipedia, as usual, has to be blamed for quite a lot of the guilt, but John C. Nash is definitely a conspirator. Lee Skinner is a co-conspirator for showing off his cool tattoo on Facebook, which led me to read about the Ars Goetia and the Lesser Key of Solomon at Wikipedia. Another co-conspirator is the nefarious Jeremy Burnich, aka Your Daily Bread, who sent me a 3D-printed bread loaf (scroll down for the extraordinarily bad tutorial and tap the huge images with your cursor to make them smaller).


Poster designs

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

Today instead of a Geranium Lake Properties comic we are showing off my newest poster designs. The first poster is tentatively titled “Trinity”, the second is four variations of “This could be your name, no. 157”. The third poster has no title yet–that one I printed and gave to myself for my birthday, it looks great on paper–the background color printed as an amazing rich chocolate with hints of red.

Another contribution

Here is a glimpse of my contribution (“This Morning’s Immolation) to the National Poetry Month calendar by Angel House Press. Each day on the calendar features a poem or visual poem by a different poet, and today, April 23, is my day. I hope you will take time to explore the other days in the month.

This is the second year that a visual poem of mine has been accepted for this project. I am very grateful to Amanda Earl for the exposure. Below is last year’s effort, “Winter House”. I have printed both poems as posters and I am pleased to say they both look better on paper.

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

Treasure Map, Not a Peony

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

This GLP panel is rather plain, so I have included one of my designs for a poster to jazz up today’s offering. This design is called “Not a Peony” and it is a straightforward example of how I use the work that goes into Geranium Lake Properties for other projects. And vice versa.


Back to work!

© lcmt 2015

This can be a visual poem about the last two-and-a-half weeks of my life. Or it can be a travel poster. Or it can be an excuse/explanation for why I have not been posting on schedule. Or it can be all three. One of the beauties of asemic writing is that it can express so much, so efficiently.