Oops, a calendar

We have traveled already a week into the new year and I realize no one has given me a calendar this year, not even my insurance company. So I made one for myself, using stuff from the Geranium Lake Properties Pattern Book:

I did not intend to make a calendar for sale this year, for no good (or bad) reason, my mind was simply occupied with other things. But since I had to make a calendar for myself, it was no trouble to put that calendar on the market at Zazzle.

Zazzle is having a sale right now (when are they not having a sale?) 50 percent off calendars.

Two Observations and a Hypothesis

This comic is also a mug. Some other GLP comics are now mugs, like “Water Snake River“. I had the Z-people make mugs out of “Uncertainty Schematic” and “Alkali Mismatched with Acid“. They came out fantastic. I gave them away for Christmas gifts. Not without regrets.

The Geranium Lake Properties Pattern Book


It has been difficult for me to get any traction in the new year. My mind keeps haring off into different directions. One of the ideas I am trying to realize is The Geranium Lake Properties Pattern Book, inspired by batik, The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones, and a glimpse of a 19th century book of Japanese fabric swatches. Making pillows, fabric and leggings at Zazzle is actually helping me formulate the concept.

(Secret product code ZCOMFORTABLE will get you a 45% discount on pillows for the next day or two.)


I had a very nice morning drinking coffee and eating pumpkin bread in the company of ladies making signs to carry in the Women’s March on Washington. This is my effort, photographed with my primitive phone camera, with my usual mediocre skill. I may not march, I am on stand-by for a seat in a car going to the march in San Luis Obispo. If I don’t march, I will stick this in my front yard to enhance and edify the life of my neighbors.


This scrap of paper is something I will keep closer to my heart. The scan is of a painting done by Julian Callos.