Larrikin Days (This could be your name, no. 186)

In the Jackalopian calendar, Larrikin Days are traditionally the fourth Tuesday of each month. On these days, jackalopes are encouraged to express their larrikins, their “true selves”. A jackalope will have at least one larrikin name, and most jackalopes have several names for different aspects of their true selves. Some of these may be secret identities, but most are shared with family, friends or the public. A nom de guerre or nom de plume would be a larrikin name.

Ain’t gonna play your cheatin’ game no more


© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

Second image: “This could be your name, no. 160”, which I used for a mask in the creation of today’s Geranium Lake Properties comic. The posting schedule for GLP has been thrown off-track by the presidential election. I’m not sure yet when I will get it on-track. A certain amount of variability has always been part of the plan. Currently I am steadily slogging through a huge mess of social/political judgments that have been dumped into a mindspace I need for my creative work.