National Poetry Month

Here’s a glimpse of “More Comics from Mars”, my contribution to the National Poetry Month site by Angel House Press. As you may already know, April is National Poetry Month. Every day for this month, Angel House Press will post a poem or visual poem, and the calendar will stay online until February 2018. You can see “More Comics from Mars” in its entirety on day 5.

This visual poetry comic is also on a t-shirt from my fledgling shop at RedBubble.

Notes, My Favorite Martian Comics (Xerolage 59), the cover

The cover is red/orange, with more red than orange, tomato red. The surface is smooth and matte, not a hint of gloss. A few years ago, I noticed new-published books with dust jackets that had this kind of surface, an alternative to the more venerable slick covers. I assume it came into vogue because it has a surface that resists fingerprints. I am thankful that my copies of My Favorite Martian Comics do not have that awful rubbery feel some books have when their dust jackets have been printed this way. The shade of the printed ink is different from my computer image file, I expected that, and I love the difference. The cover is reminiscent of the shortcomings of commercial offset printing in the 70’s. Because I encourage accident and discovery in my creative process, I can’t say this was a deliberate choice in the design, but I was glad to see this quality emerge. Comic books always had printing flaws, and I let them remain as tributes to the gods of entropy: light and dark specks, lines too fat, or too thin, with ink.

More Than A Year Later, Part 1


Martians did not always love comics. For 3 billion years (give or take an eon) of quiet, unassuming sentience, Martians had no comics. They had no literature at all. They had no language. It is possible they once had languages and eventually evolved past a need for them, but the Martians themselves have no recollections of a time when they spoke a native tongue. They have no recollections of a time when they had tongues. Or mouths.


I almost can’t believe this all started more than a year ago, on the last day of September in 2014.

Geranium Lake Properties, baby carrots (human)

© lcmt 2015

This list was written in pencil on the back of a sketch of today’s cartoon (presumably by Mr. Yost):

baby carrots (human)
travel brochure
visit to a red planet (martian?)
nunc aut nunquam
functional fool

Part of the Fifty Cent Trip, an intermittent series that appeared from March 1986 through 1989.