The Deconsecrated Bohlchar Lacuna

This is a mystery. I have consulted with the usual experts (Ha Kim Ngoc, Michael Veerduer) and with the unusual ones (Algernon and Agatha Dawe-Saffery), and we still have no clue. I re-read my copy of The Boy in the Yellow Leatherette Portmanteau by Gralie Bohe, which is always an enlightening experience, and reviewed the bulk of my notes on Jackalopian culture. No clue in any of those archives. This is so very asemic. Feel free to exercise your asemic skills of authorship over something you have no authority to author. (Do I really need to add a winking emoji to that sentence? I think it’s very winky as it is.)

Have you noticed how asemic writing might be the perfect anti-authoritative literature?