Larrikin Days (This could be your name, no. 186)

In the Jackalopian calendar, Larrikin Days are traditionally the fourth Tuesday of each month. On these days, jackalopes are encouraged to express their larrikins, their “true selves”. A jackalope will have at least one larrikin name, and most jackalopes have several names for different aspects of their true selves. Some of these may be secret identities, but most are shared with family, friends or the public. A nom de guerre or nom de plume would be a larrikin name.

One of these things is not like the others





© 2016 N Tarczynski

On Sunday, my sister (visiting from LA for a few days) and I went up the coast to look at the elephant seals near the Piedras Blancas lighthouse. She had a couple of new lenses for her smartphone camera she wanted to try out. I wanted to stop at a couple of exceptional places that sold cacti and succulents. The results of our collaboration were excellent: I made two of these photos into the GLP comics for today.