Geranium Lake Properties, enough gilded ice

© lcmt 2015

Jack Loki disguised as the Inflorescent Bicyclist. This is possibly part two of the Fifty Cent Trip, an intermittent series that appeared randomly from March 1986 through 1989. GLP historian Michael Veerduer claimed the series was not random at all, and its appearances followed a pattern that could be predicted by a geometric sequence equation.

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Geranium Lake Properties, golden delicious

© lcmt 2015

It has to be admitted that most of the time, Newark’s Star-Ledger got it right. In fact, there was one notable occasion when the Star-Ledger was the only paper that got GLP right. On the morning of Aug. 8, 1989, New Jersey residents opened their premier newspaper and discovered the above GLP panel in its customary pride-of-place, the right-hand corner of the Star-Ledger’s comics page. The panel was part of a series that GLP historian Michael Veerduer would later call “The Fifty Cent Trip”, in an article he wrote for the short-lived zine The Longest Salmon.