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Four years ago, I started posting pages for my asemic graphic novel Esgr Navigator on Tumblr. This novel of 229 pages has only appeared online, which is how I originally intended for it to exist, but a couple of months ago I started to explore what it would take to print it on paper. Before I got very far in the process, I decided to edit out a few pages that made me wince. Then I started to re-write, chopping up or aggregating pages, or combining them with new details. Then I started to add words into spaces that seem to beg for text. Then I had to stop and give the project a new title, Zomynesgr Avigatorsin, because it was becoming something else.

You can view another page from the project here.

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Opening Reception, NYC: The Future is Here Again

I have appeared in a Polish comics magazine, and my work has hung in a hall in Finland, because of the great people who worked with me on A Kick in the Eye. Nico Vassilakis, one of my Kick in the Eye co-authors, and editor of The Last Vispo Anthology, asked me last June to contribute to Coldfront Magazine’s visual poetry section. He has kindly included my work in a show in New York. The opening reception is this Thursday, January 22.

I spent a large part of my morning looking up flights to New York and searching for a hotel within walking distance of 547 West 27th Street, but I am not actually going. The logistics are not impossible, neither is the money, but it would be a ridiculous effort for me. Still, it was nice to dream of the ridiculous for an hour.

In which I discover my orthogonality


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Above are details from two of my pages in the collaborative graphic novel A Kick in the Eye. You can find a thoughtful review of the book in Coldfront Magazine, by Pedro Moura. It was a remarkable article to me because Moura was able to articulate stuff about my work that I struggle to put into words.

Asemic Graphic Novel

After spending three weeks making 14 YouTube videos and a special tumblr blog for my asemic graphic novel, I belatedly realized that flickr was probably the easiest and best option for displaying Esgr Navigator. I created an account and loaded everything yesterday. Overall, it took no more than three hours.



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