We Will Sacrifice Our Children to Fire

This is the last of the panels in my possession from the Valley of Gheionnim series. If you follow the tag for Gheionnim you should be able to see all five posts.

Below is the corner of a thing I am quite happy with at the moment. It emerged out of a page I was making for submission to a zine project (for my friend Tony Burhouse). The page evolved into a Geranium Lake Properties panel (which will be posted as soon as I figure out what to call it), a map, and this thing which right now is working under the title “An Invocation for the Kelp Forest”.

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The Five Mistakes We Will Keep Making

A panel from the Valley of Gheionnim series. Reputedly, seven panels from the series exist, and Yost planned to make twelve in total, but I have only five transparencies in the collection I received from Ha Kim Ngoc.

The Valley of Gheionnim

Tiamat’s Gutboard (top image)

Four years after Jack Loki first met the Friendly Neighborhood Haruspices, Wm. Yost began a series about Jack’s prophetic journey through the Valley of Gheionnim. The series began with a haruspication made by an entity named Tiamat Choureau, who used a kiGamnch gutboard.

The Utilapu Benison (bottom image)

No well-brought-up jackalope would dream of beginning a quest without formal permission for departure from their loved ones. This set of paglakaw nga mga papel was drawn up by Jack’s fiancée, Alice Aroumbeyski.