Follow the old legend closely, and bless the faithless

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

I meant to post this a day or two before the Thanksgiving holiday, but my time was spent getting my house ready for guests, and then having nonstop fun and adventures with them while they are here. They are off to mass at the local Catholic church, so I have about 40 minutes for myself right now. To make amends for my neglect of my faithful internet friends, below is a link to a 3-page comic I submitted to the first issue of Ello’s first-ever print magazine, named contrarily Not For Print. The comic is a collaboration between Volodymyr Bilyk, Phil Openshaw and myself:

Crow, After Ted Hughes

(If you are looking for an artful gift for someone on your Christmas list, I recommend that you click through Phil Openshaw’s link, and browse through the many prints available of his work. He is a wonderful photographer, and has also made some beautiful asemic pieces.)