Geranium Lake Properties, the nature of dragons and vice versa

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I am not claiming anything but a bizarre coincidence, but today’s comic is about the wisdom of poking Nature with a stick.

The aftermath of posting panels from Jack Loki’s Raindance:

Geranium Lake Properties, the Return of the Jackalope

© lcmt 2015

Jack Loki’s Raindance

In the summer of 1992, golden California was baked brown and burnt from a drought that had lasted 5 years. Wm. Yost was a California resident at the time, living in a trailer park* near Oceano Beach. GLP’s sporadic protagonist, the irrepressible jackalope named Jack Loki (or “Holmes Tuttle” to his close friends), lived in an undetermined desert that could have been the Sonoran, the Mohave, the Gobi, the Mongolian-Manchurian steppe, or the deserts of Barsoom. Yost, born in Wickenburg, Arizona, and Jack, a wild creature native to deserts, were both accustomed to drought as a natural cycle of their environment. Even so, the situation in California in 1992 seemed severe, almost dire. In response, Yost created a series of GLP panels called “Jack Loki’s Raindance”. That winter (1992-1993) the drought broke with rainfall totals that nearly reached record amounts.

California is suffering from another tremendous drought right now, so I thought it would be a good time to break out the raindance panels.

*The trailer park grew up around a Victorian-style mansion called the Coffee T. Rice House. Before the trailer park was built, the house was surrounded by a Christmas tree farm where my family would find and cut our tree when I was a child. Here are two encounters with the Coffee T. Rice House by bloggers writing about California’s central coast: