GLP: current state of the art


Today and Sunday will be the last days of our summer repeats. Tuesday, August 19, I will begin posting new panels of Geranium Lake Properties regularly. The expected schedule will be every Tuesday and Thursday for new cartoons. On Sunday, but not every Sunday, I will continue with my favorites of previously posted GLP panels.

I am still relying on a very old laptop computer. It has always been my style to use limited technology, including limitations imposed by financial costs, but I am suffering a little from the lack of access to my desktop computer. It too is an old computer, which broke down last spring and remains an inert block caging 40 gigabytes of inaccessible data. Within that data is my asemic comic book, The Fourth Labor of Elmer Olpuk, which includes two additional short comics (one of them is The Friends of Sazzie Nan). Because of critical family matters, I have not had the time to resolve that little crisis, and because of lack of funds, I do not now have the inclination.