GLP Summer Schedule

© 2016 N. Tarczynski

I am back from vacation and catching up with my e-mail. My vacations are always staycations, partly because I stay home, but mostly because I stay away from the internet. One of my sisters came for a visit, we had several good days together. We rescued some of my old cactuses from weeds and drought, and the image above is a picture my sister took of a cactus flower.

Through the rest of the summer, I expect the schedule for my Geranium Lake Properties comic to be somewhat irregular, but I will be putting up two or three GLP posts per week, at least that much will be normal. I am thinking of re-posting some previous GLP comics. After almost three years of posting asemic/abstract comics, there is some good stuff that deserves a second look.

One of these things is not like the others





© 2016 N Tarczynski

On Sunday, my sister (visiting from LA for a few days) and I went up the coast to look at the elephant seals near the Piedras Blancas lighthouse. She had a couple of new lenses for her smartphone camera she wanted to try out. I wanted to stop at a couple of exceptional places that sold cacti and succulents. The results of our collaboration were excellent: I made two of these photos into the GLP comics for today.