The Island of California

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

This is from the yellow wallpaper series. The top image is typical of the way we present and view Geranium Lake Properties on the internet. I am lucky to have access to color transparencies of Yost’s original art, and the color is as brilliant and accurate as my computer can make it. GLP began as a black-and-white single panel comic (Yost was influenced by New Yorker cartoonists like Charles Addams and Saul Steinberg) and there exists a popular notion that Yost began to experiment with color only in the later years of the comic. Actually, his color experiments date from the beginning of GLP, and Yost used color in some of his early conceptual sketches.

Yost’s distributors were adamant in their resistance against anything that was not black-and-white, but they eventually relented and accepted full-color work. Most newspapers received the color panels after they had been rendered into grayscale. Some newspapers chose to print color, with varying degrees of failure. The failures usually delighted Yost.

The bottom image gives you an idea of how the color of Geranium Lake Properties looked when printed in newspapers, beginning on the left with a grayscale representation.

Tigorn’s Green Loam, an abstract/asemic epic

…of which only a few fragments survive. You can view five pages here at Michael Jacobson’s The New Post-literate website.

I really need to link to The New Post-literate more often. I recommend that you explore the blog and find a way to keep up with the new posts. Please don’t rely on me! I sometimes fail at updates, for example, this post contains a link to the Scribd article Michael put together for Intuición Estética’s exhibit of asemic writing held in Cordoba, Mexico, in February and March. The Scribd article includes images of all the entries in the show, including mine, a piece titled “Light Closure”.

1668 Kilometers Per Hour

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

I am back online after a wonderful holiday week-end with my brother and youngest sister. I finally saw the latest Star Wars movie, and the Jedi concept of light and dark was probably the impetus for today’s GLP comic. Nevertheless, I feel this panel has a definite place in the pantheistic traditions and ancestral worship of native American jackalopes.