Oops, a calendar

We have traveled already a week into the new year and I realize no one has given me a calendar this year, not even my insurance company. So I made one for myself, using stuff from the Geranium Lake Properties Pattern Book:

I did not intend to make a calendar for sale this year, for no good (or bad) reason, my mind was simply occupied with other things. But since I had to make a calendar for myself, it was no trouble to put that calendar on the market at Zazzle.

Zazzle is having a sale right now (when are they not having a sale?) 50 percent off calendars.

A Plain Gallop Overstride Onto A Cramped Anti-Djinn Jamboree

Two-thirds of the newspapers that originally printed this Geranium Lake Properties panel in 1987 used the word “Overstrike” instead of “Overstride” in the caption. Looking at a Xerox copy of the handwritten note that accompanied the artwork, I can’t really tell if the letter in question is a “d” or a “k”.

We sometimes refer to the captions for GLP comics as titles, but the correct term is caption.

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Utterance Rock

Another piece of this work-in-progress. I think the artwork is done, but the story behind it is coming more slowly. So far, I have only two sentences: “Thirty miles northwest of a small village named Pisinemo (or Pisin Mo’o) is an inscribed stone, overgrown in a copse of ironwood, cholla and whitethorn acacia. The inscription refers to a very popular poem in the rustic dialect, about the heroine Roya Teymu, who recoverd the use of her mutilated limbs at this sacred site.” That info is from an old pamphlet, “A Brief History of Utterance Rock’, Oracle Junction Press, 1956, 16 pages (which I found tucked in one of my imaginary books).

A Grotrolem Decomposition of an Anise Seed

Named after Georgy Gustav Grotrolem, geometrist, born 1790, died sometime after 1868. On January 28, 1898, a body identified as Grotrolem’s was found in the attic of a house on Rue Espariat in Aix-en-Provence. His major work was published in Gesammelte Werke im Volumenschattengraphik, 1863.

Today’s GLP panel is one of the many misprints from Newark’s Star-Ledger preferred by Yost over the error-free reproductions. He liked this one so well that he apparently destroyed his original artwork, and we only have this image in the collection of GLP slides gifted to us by Yost’s assistant, Ha Kim Ngoc.

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