National Poetry Month

Here’s a glimpse of “More Comics from Mars”, my contribution to the National Poetry Month site by Angel House Press. As you may already know, April is National Poetry Month. Every day for this month, Angel House Press will post a poem or visual poem, and the calendar will stay online until February 2018. You can see “More Comics from Mars” in its entirety on day 5.

This visual poetry comic is also on a t-shirt from my fledgling shop at RedBubble.

The Unremembering, or Tuachmemoricath

Abstract/asemic comics for the city of Azza-Jono. Tales of Azza-Jono can be found on Tablo. The city is the center of a WIP collaboration of writers and artists (mostly writers) who meet on Ello (my Ello handle is echo-of-newt).

When I started reading my first tale of Azza-Jono, I was reminded of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. As I read further into the Tablo site, the stories felt more reminiscent of the early issues of Interzone I stole from my brother. Or like a few short stories from Omni magazine that drilled themselves into my bones, so that I carry them with me always, even though I have forgotten their titles and authors.

A conversation between two Vasparian gentlemen…

…in which they settle several issues of palfix, modiplying, and the absence of seical empiricist dominance.

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