Inanna Ascendant

Dreaming of the vernal equinox.

The furnace in my house is old, and last year it quit half-way through the winter. Since I live in a climate where the winters are not harsh, and I could not afford to pay a repair guy to come out and just look at my furnace, I bundled up in extra layers and shivered through the remainder of the winter. It was a small commonplace adventure, I enjoyed it, and I liked the money I saved.

I lived through the warmer seasons with a cold furnace gathering dust, and as the nights grew longer again, I resolved to make it through this entire winter season without trying to repair the furnace. By the middle of February, spring has usually arrived in this part of California. Not this year. February was a month of freezing nights, frosty mornings, and dry days of cold blue skies.

© 2018 lin tarczynski

7 thoughts on “Inanna Ascendant

  1. At least I have a wood stove in the living room which is used every evening to supplement the gas furnace. If the power goes off and the furnace doesn’t work, there are two more wood stoves, one in the basement and another in my downstairs studio, so we can keep the entire house heated. Going without a furnace for a prolonged period is not something I would like to try! ; ]

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    • Wood stoves are the thing to have. I have a fireplace and chimney, very romantic, but terribly inefficient, or so I am told by a multitude of online experts. Apparently all the heat goes up the chimney. But I have wonderful memories of my father using a long-handled popcorn pan to pop popcorn in the fireplace.

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    • Oh my verve is not all that. This is the southern part of central California after all, and even though it dropped to freezing last night, the temp is supposed to hit 70 today. One of the odd things that has happened, besides discovering various little techniques to keep warm, is that I have met several people who also don’t use their furnace, like it’s a normal, sensible thing to do!

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      • We have a woodchuck, actually, we have two. One lives in a wood pile near the chicken coop on the front side of the yard, and has been there for a year or more. Last summer he hurried all the way to the apple tree in the back yard this side of the creek and climbed, snugging up to the very top and ate apples. We laughed a lot at the sight and the memory of the sight. So this year there is another chuck, taking up residence inside the lovely brush pile where a lot of the birds, even the sandhill cranes) gather and eat. We figure she is a female and we are going to see little ground chuck or woodchucks. I know we are fools, but I guess we hold higher the critters’ space than we do ours.



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