Rainwater Mama

Yost often challenged other artists to make Geranium Lake Propeties comics. For a shy eccentric, he could be surprising brazen when inviting people to participate in the GLP universe. Al Hischfeld, Saul Steinberg, Charles Addams, Shel Silverstein (who all declined) were among the many Yost asked to contribute a GLP panel.

Today’s post is by Gina Garey, who worked as an inker and colorist for Marvel Comics in the 70’s and 80’s, when she was married to editor Fred Garey. She started her career at the age of 17, painting animation cels. Her divorce from Garey ended her employment with Marvel, but she immediately found a job at DC Comics, where she worked for five years, then she quit comics altogether. After that she dedicated herself to making zines and mail art. She came out of professional retirement in 1993 to work with Vertigo Comics until 1996. She died in 2001 of cancer at the age of 72. She always signed her zine and mail art as “uggi”. At Marvel, DC and Vertigo she was always credited as Gina Garey, even after her divorce. Her legal name was Ursula Regina Garey Iversen.

GLP historian Michael Veerduer has a theory that “hrera dachre” was derived from four names of democratically-elected leaders who were assassinated by CIA, but he has not been able to decode it and tell us the four names.

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