We are by no means monolithic

© 2017 lcmt

It may seem like I no longer have a schedule for posting Geranium Lake Properties, but Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes Saturday, of every week are still my targets. I was expecting to post this one yesterday, but halfway through making it, the universe dragged me off into another direction. The result was a second variation of today’s panel, and no comic posted yesterday.

The second variation is evolving into a larger piece, the working title is “Dpajor’s Tree”. Here’s a hint of what it looks like in progress:



2 thoughts on “We are by no means monolithic

    • There are two versions happening: the GLP comic, which I will post on Monday, and a poster-size design that is still changing. They both have symmetrical geometric shapes in red, that’s very Navajo and Turkish, but it’s also Ukrainian. My mother’s family is Ukrainian. Monday is my mom’s birthday; she would have been 87 if she was still with us. She was an avid gardener and quilter. I am pleased that this scrap suggested cloth to you. I was careful to retain the grainy texture of my source image, and now I think the end result has the feeling of threads in a worn fabric.

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