Four Posters

For the last week or more I have been feeling figuratively swamped (but not literally, we are still rain-free and drought-stricken) in several areas of my life, and I feel I have neglected my responsibilities here. This is a “Catch you all up” effort to show off some things I have made. These are all poster designs. I was not planning to make any of these images into posters when I started them, usually my posters start as possible GLP comics. If you haven’t guessed already, you should realize that Geranium Lake Properties comics are a wellspring and a hotbed of creativity for me.
The working title for this first one was “Quarter” but the universe insists that I call it “Fingersticks outside the carnival trailer”.

This second poster, along with the third one (below), helped me work my way out of a dispirited mood. I try to find other words than “depression” for my reoccurring malaise–this time I called it “the doldrums”. The title for the second poster is “Chrysanthemum Arrangements”. The third is “Mary, Queen of Mars”:


“This could be your name, no. 159” is my new, not-very-asemic signature, representing my intitials L C M T:

A number of people need to take responsibility for this last poster, title: “Koborlqyn Monstrance”. (Koborlqyn is a made-up name, you don’t need to google it, unless you want to find things to do in Kooralbyn, Australia.) Wikipedia, as usual, has to be blamed for quite a lot of the guilt, but John C. Nash is definitely a conspirator. Lee Skinner is a co-conspirator for showing off his cool tattoo on Facebook, which led me to read about the Ars Goetia and the Lesser Key of Solomon at Wikipedia. Another co-conspirator is the nefarious Jeremy Burnich, aka Your Daily Bread, who sent me a 3D-printed bread loaf (scroll down for the extraordinarily bad tutorial and tap the huge images with your cursor to make them smaller).



5 thoughts on “Four Posters

  1. Hello, again, Lin.

    I’m starting to learn how to use a Silhouette Portrait cutting machine and your designs presented today look to be fertile ground for it. Now all I have to learn is how to get it or other software to trace bitmaps so I can feed it the images. More to follow. Y’r ol’ Bud, Fike


    • Fascinating–this gives me a clue about an artist I know, I bet she has this kind of machine. I have long admired the beautifully cut figures she makes for her hand-made greeting cards.


  2. I’m hugely honoured to be, in a small way, a co-conspirator of yours, Lin. Wonderful work, as always! I’ve visited The Doldrums myself, many times; horrible place, no idea why we keep going back there!
    All the very best to you,


    • I feel I can guess at the reasons why, but that doesn’t mean I have come up with a solution. A wise man once told me, if a problem doesn’t have a solution, maybe it’s a mystery to be experienced, and not solved. I find that a sensible and oddly comforting thought. Luckily when I sink into the doldrums, I know things will look better the next morning, and perhaps even better the mornings after that. And I can retreat into art-making, so good comes out of bad.

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  3. I can truly see Mary Queen of Mars here. It is amazing to me that you work while in the doldrums. It is true for me that walking through them, or sleeping through them, helps. I have a goal, though, to work through them as you do.

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