A lack of seasons

On the very day of the autumn equinox I posted this image on Facebook, commemorating the first time I donned my nightcap this season. It also was the last time. The promise of that cold, foggy morning evaporated in a heat wave. In an attempt at internet magic, my next post today will be a review of fall-colored panels from Geranium Lake Properties; I hope to invoke a change of season. We are dusty and dry and tired of blue skies and warm days. May I have some weather, please?

2 thoughts on “A lack of seasons

    • Autumn is my favorite season. Here the signals of the changing season can be subtle, but they are definite if you have lived here long enough. I admit we don’t usually have much of winter, but when I was a kid it seems we had more rainy days. We loved putting on our galoshes and playing in the rain.

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