Adishesha Uncoiling

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

A year ago, this would have been published as part of Samsara Comics, which was an exploration of mine that seemed to be moving outside the realms of Geranium Lake Properties. Eventually I came to understand that the Samsara panels are objects emerging from meditation, which placed them firmly back into the GLP universe, and helped me understand my interpretation of that universe.


3 thoughts on “Adishesha Uncoiling

    • This is a comment, not a reply. I had to read your introduction a couple of times to begin to understand it. I’m glad the Samsara panels remain in the GLP universe, and have some new sort of grasp of GLP. Your introductions (would you call them that?) are important to me. Thanks.

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      • I like how the concept of the GLP universe has has changed over time. I especially like how I let the color evolve, I like how it stretches beyond the bounds of what would have been feasible in a newspaper comic in the 20th century.

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