Pleistocene Verses (and The Silent Cartographer)

More collaborations with Volodymyr Bilyk. The first one I call “Bison”, the second is “Bogun” (in which you can see a word written with Tony Burhouse’s Asemicism font, so this is a also collaboration with Tony).

Apropos of nothing else except I have been listening to this a lot lately, as an antidote to…well, all that junk I encounter in a normal human life. It is a very beautiful, very soothing album by Andrew Heath: The Silent Cartographer. The title grabbed my attention firmly, and I only got halfway through this ecstatic review before I clicked the link to listen.

6 thoughts on “Pleistocene Verses (and The Silent Cartographer)

  1. Hi, Lin.

    I’m listening to & watching Heath’s Silent Cartographer on youtube and totally immersed! THANK YOU! This ol’ tightwad may even break free of the $16+ amazon wants for it!

    This ‘put me in the mind of’ [as my native West Virginian Beloved Shirley, might say] Andy Goldsworthy about whom I’ll be sending you a link to a DVD of his which I also love.

    And, a query.

    Did I misinterpret your name TARR zin sky being pronounced with emphasis on syllable one? Of course[?] Idda guest it to be “tar ZIN sky” probably a nom de plume anywho as is my Fs real name no secret Forrest Alden Richey, Jr. parts Irish, Scot, English with a twist of French.

    Ah HAH the Silent Cartographer is now making sounds which alert me to movement in the house outside my earphones. Very good. Pretty sly bungerhop.

    ALSO, The Silent Cartographer is 2Bfound in Halo: Combat Evolved to which my attention’s been recently drawn by Cortana of Win-10. The more I looked into the AI, I had to experience Halo. Won’t run on my win-10 box so I’m reading the novels [11] but NOW I’ll have to MAKE it run and experience The Silent Cartographer as part of “Combat Evolved”.


    yet another note of note: Some of John Fahey’s primitive american guitar holds for me hypnotic allure and I once wrote to him that his music spoke to me as did reading the book of “John” in the KJV of the new testament. I sensed truth but did not know what it was. That was probably what prompted him to drop by… BUT WE WERE GONE! Och! on one of our infrequent vacations so we never met and he is deceased, one of the sorrows of my life.

    his “Record Plant Sausalito Ca 1973” is my car music these last few months, especially “Thus Krishna on the Battlefield”.

    And I should have prepended this with a declaration of my love/admiration for what you do as imagery!

    Y’r ol’ Bud, Fike

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    • The accent can be either syllable, I think both the first and second have almost the same emphasis. It could be an American pronunciation–I was once corrected by another Polish-American who pronounced it as tarr-tchin-skee.



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