A poem from Mars


This one was made with help from mIEKAL aND, author of Samsara Congeries, and publisher of Xexoxial Editions, of which number 59 was My Favorite Martian Comics by my oh-so-modest self. I borrowed characters and words from one of mIEKAL’s Martian Love Letters:


6 thoughts on “A poem from Mars

    • This started out more like my usual animated gifs when I got the idea to take a photo of the computer screen. I accidentally jerked the camera and took a smeared image which looked interesting. I made some nice painterly images of that frame, but then I decided to rough them up with some chops and obnoxious fuzz. The end result can be credited to influence from the work of glitch artists who are fans of my work, who have befriended me on Facebook and Tumblr.

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    • Some of my pieces have more convoluted histories than others. This is one of the more convoluted ones. Usually my animated gifs are made from the different stages in my creative process–it’s a way of packing all the versions into one work. I save ALL my stages and versions. Often earlier abandoned versions evolve later into other works.



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