Other Etiquettes




Four years ago, I started posting pages for my asemic graphic novel Esgr Navigator on Tumblr. This novel of 229 pages has only appeared online, which is how I originally intended for it to exist, but a couple of months ago I started to explore what it would take to print it on paper. Before I got very far in the process, I decided to edit out a few pages that made me wince. Then I started to re-write, chopping up or aggregating pages, or combining them with new details. Then I started to add words into spaces that seem to beg for text. Then I had to stop and give the project a new title, Zomynesgr Avigatorsin, because it was becoming something else.

You can view another page from the project here.

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

9 thoughts on “Other Etiquettes

  1. Stunning work as ever Lin, I really like the layout of these pieces too and think they’d look fantastic printed out in a physical book format. Can’t wait to add the finished project to my bookshelf, my copy of Martian Comics would appreciate the company! All the best x

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    • Work on this project has entered a pause, but that seems to be part of its natural process. I look at the pages that are done, or almost done, and feel good about them.



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