“Overheard on a Saltmarsh”

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

This is one of Yost’s attempts to interpret the poem by Harold Munro. Yost was not invested in depicting “Overheard on a Saltmarsh” with the same depth of his obsession with “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charolotte Perkins Gilman, but at least eleven GLP panels have been identified as representing the Munro poem.

(Apologies for not posting this GLP comic on Friday. Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I napped and watched old movies. I re-watched The Thing from Another World (1951) and The Day After Tomorrow (2004), two movies that are on my admittedly idiosyncratic list of “Cozy, Feel-Good Movies”.)


5 thoughts on ““Overheard on a Saltmarsh”

  1. I googled images for “Overheard on a Saltmarsh. Yost’s is definitely superior to any that I found.

    (Hope you are feeling better! My sister and I used to sometimes watch science fiction/horror movies on TV on Saturday mornings. We preferred the grade D ones, as we could play a game with them. We awarded points to the movies for things like discrepancies between text and image, technical fails (like mike boom shadows), and for failures of costume and set to meet an arbitrary set of minimum standards. The Creature from the Black Lagoon ranked very high in all areas.)

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    • Thank you! I am feeling better. Watching sci-fi movies on TV on week-ends was something I did too, with my siblings (there are of five of us altogether). I especially have great memories of family viewings of The War of the Worlds (the Gene Barry version, a good movie) and Fiend Without a Face (a very bad movie).

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  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better Lin. Count me in on the cheesy SF/horror flicks too, I’m a huge fan and have much love for all of the films mentioned here. I grew up watching the old Hammer Horror movies which were a staple of Saturday evening TV in the UK and quickly graduated to the 50s/60s Sci-fi reruns. Watching them again after forty odd years is the cinematic equivalent of comfort food! All the best x

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    • Thank you. I have been expecting too much of myself lately and the stress manifested itself. I have to confess a lamentable ignorance of the Hammer films, although I know something of their reputation. I think the only one I have seen is Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, which I have seen more than once, which I treasure for a swinging seventies vibe that seems to be uniquely British.

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      • I hope that you manage to keep those stress levels to a minimum Lin, it’s definitely not a good thing to try and push through. The Hammer flicks are all well worth tracking down and do manage to perfectly capture a very British perspective on the genre x

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