kiGamnch Game Cards: Illuminated Cruces

Many jackalope families play Illuminated Cruces on Easter, but it is not a universal or longstanding tradition of jackalope culture (Jack Loki’s family did not play Illuminated Cruces until he was a teenager, after his mother moved the family to Cloudcroft, New Mexico). Chocolate Hanukkah coins, gelt, are often used as game pieces, a practice that confuses many people, even jackalopes, about which holiday is traditional.

You need to place four cards together to make an Illuminated Cruces game board, one for each of the four players. There is also a two-player version where each player controls two cards. The first image here is the card for the Southwest player, 2nd image is Southeast, 3rd is Northeast, 4th is Northwest.
The four cards can be placed in various configurations. Each configuration has a different name and its own rules. This is the default configuration, called God’s Eye or Compass Rose:
This next variation has many names, the more unusual among them are Running Starch, Zap Bath, Tea and Sherry Hour:
This is the Hourglass variation:
© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

2 thoughts on “kiGamnch Game Cards: Illuminated Cruces

    • I have to admit I cannot explain the rules with any kind of confidence. I am not a great game player, partly because I don’t like myself when my competitive instincts are aroused. But I love the culture and artifacts of games. I love game boards of all kinds, and cards, especially tarot cards, because of their visual appeal and their history..

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