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On the back of today’s panel, Yost wrote in pencil: “Crow’s Account of St. George”, which is a poem by Ted Hughes.

Asemic comics are published here two times a week, on Tuesday and Friday (new schedule).


3 thoughts on “Bonnethead

    • The first line of “Crow’s Account of St. George” rings with significance for me and my relation to asemic numbers: “He sees everything in the Universe/Is a track of numbers racing towards an answer.” I love long blackboard-filling equations as asemic visual poems. They are asemic for me because I am not fluent in math languages; the numbers are asemic by my choice. Choosing not to understand a thing can be an artistic act to acknowledge mystery.

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    • One of the layers of this piece is a line from the poem: “A demon with a face flat as a snail/Or the underface of a shark…” You can easily glimpse (I hope) the “e” in “underface”.

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