Notes, My Favorite Martian Comics (Xerolage 59), the cover

The cover is red/orange, with more red than orange, tomato red. The surface is smooth and matte, not a hint of gloss. A few years ago, I noticed new-published books with dust jackets that had this kind of surface, an alternative to the more venerable slick covers. I assume it came into vogue because it has a surface that resists fingerprints. I am thankful that my copies of My Favorite Martian Comics do not have that awful rubbery feel some books have when their dust jackets have been printed this way. The shade of the printed ink is different from my computer image file, I expected that, and I love the difference. The cover is reminiscent of the shortcomings of commercial offset printing in the 70’s. Because I encourage accident and discovery in my creative process, I can’t say this was a deliberate choice in the design, but I was glad to see this quality emerge. Comic books always had printing flaws, and I let them remain as tributes to the gods of entropy: light and dark specks, lines too fat, or too thin, with ink.


3 thoughts on “Notes, My Favorite Martian Comics (Xerolage 59), the cover

  1. My copy arrived yesterday Lin and I couldn’t be more happy with it. The cover alone is a beautiful piece of art and has a wonderfully tactile quality to it. I picked up on the tiny printing blemishes immediately and was indeed transported back to my formative years of comic reading and collecting. My congratulations on producing such an enthralling and entertaining collection Lin, I hope this is seen by many people as it deserves all the exposure it obtains. Best wishes and many thanks x

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    • Thank you, I am delighted to be able to get a tangible piece of my work into your hands. I don’t know if anyone but another comic aficionado can understand my feelings (complex and nearly rapturous) about having an actual comic book of mine in print. The immediacy of publishing online has been very liberating for me, but there will never be anything like being published on paper.

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      • I would certainly be happy to class myself as a comic aficionado as I grew up with a number of UK publications then began collecting US horror titles and the classic 2000AD SF comic. You must be thrilled to have added to the canon Lin, I wish you all the very best with Martian Comics and look forward to your next publication. Best wishes x

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