Finding significance in the failure of words

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

Today’s GLP comic is all me. After I posted Tuesday’s panel, I received encouragement from both GLP historian Michael Veerduer, and Yost’s former assistant, Ha Kim Ngoc, to occasionally publish as myself under the Geranium Lake Properties title. I think it is a perfectly normal thing to get advice from fictional people. As soon as I learned to read, I started absorbing all sorts of life lessons from mythical beings, from Bartholomew Cubbins to Cinderella to Spider-Man to Dear Abby to Jesus. For my understanding of Wm. Yost, I have relied heavily on the novel The Boy in the Yellow Leatherette Portmanteau by Gralie Bohe, a fictional piece of fiction by a fictional author. (The novel is set in the fictional town of Whittlespear Beach, California. California is not fictional, it just seems that way.)


9 thoughts on “Finding significance in the failure of words

    • Years ago I discovered that fictional people can help me get things written. I have accomplished some interesting excerpts from imaginary books–some of them I think of as prose poems.

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  1. The acid drenched green used in this panel is eye-popping Lin. It’s great to learn that you are drawing on the limitless influence of fictional people and art in your work too, it would help explain the otherworldly aspect of your panels. All the best as ever Lin x

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    • That acid green is one of my favorite colors, I even had a favorite pair of shoes in that color. Wore them to pieces, of course. For me, religion, mythology, poetry and fiction all belong to metaphorical literature–they all occupy the same space in my head. And I have learned, from philosophy and science, that what we experience as reality is an illusion. So I would like to, as best I can, be the creator of my reality, which is a concept that promises power and control, and that is very seductive to me. Yet there is half of me that wants to let go of this attachment to power and control.

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