A bad photograph (More Than A Year Later, Part 4)

My copies of Xerolage 59 arrived late in the evening on Monday. Here is a bad photograph of them in their box. At the moment I took the picture I had already paged through the top copy and had started an exultation that has continued for more than a day, which has interfered with writing this post.
I am immensely satisfied with this slight (24 black-and-white pages, plus an essay, bibliography and author’s photo) miracle of a book. I wish I could have afforded a hundred copies. If you can afford one for yourself, my friends outside the US should order from Amazon, where the shipping costs are less expensive. This is a tip from my publisher mIEKAL aND, gentleman organic farmer and poet, who one day back in the latter half of 2014 asked me if I would be interested in doing an issue of Xerolage featuring my Martian glyphs.

(This photograph was taken with my cell phone, which is old and takes crappy pictures. The image at Amazon is crappy too, so I don’t feel too bad about my deficiencies. My phone once did a better job taking photos, but I have not been able to figure out how I messed that up. I have a digital camera (which is also old) that takes much better photographs, but I can’t download the images to the computer because I can’t find the link-plug-wire-thing that connects the camera to the computer.)


9 thoughts on “A bad photograph (More Than A Year Later, Part 4)

  1. So I am not the only person to lose connector thingies and such in my own house. (It’s why I currently own 2 battery chargers for my camera. Since I know where both of them are, I must have misplaced something else and just haven’t realized it yet.)

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  2. Excellent news Lin, great to hear that your book is now available. I’ve just ordered my copy from Amazon UK and am looking forward to spending time with some physical manifestations of your beautiful work. Thanks for sharing this with us, all the best x

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