More Than A Year Later, Part 2

Martians love language. Language is what made Martians fall in love with humans. By their own accounts (Mars Speaks, Vida Bauer, Wilhelm G. Becker, Museum of Cultural History exhibition catalogue, University of California, Los Angeles, 1989), Martians were not impressed with humans when they first encountered us. They observed a few scraggly tribes of stick-carrying apes, classified us as a weird evolutionary quirk, and were pretty sure we were headed for an immediate extinction. They had been horribly disappointed by the demise of many of their favorite dinosaur species, and compared to a Quetzalcoatlus or a Styracosaurus, we were puny and rather ugly. They went back to communing with trees and grass, ignoring us for the next few thousand years. Then we started painting on cave walls, and Martians became instantly enthralled with our splotches and squiggly marks. They have stayed enthralled. Their love affair with human culture has endured through the failings of all our civilizations. There seems to be nothing humans can do that will repulse Martians. They avidly collect our artifacts. They have built huge underground museums under the sands of Mars for their collections. Our horrors, our savageries, none of that matters to them. They even write fanfiction about us. It is absolutely demented fanfiction, but the adoration comes through clearly.


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