No GLP panel today, instead…

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

Yesterday I was peering at an image that was mother to the last two GLP comics. I think of these generitive images as “motherboards”, because they contain a complexity of line and detail that reminds me of computer motherboards. (You can access Google Images with the search term “motherboards”. I was pleased to see motherboards still resemble the motherboard pieces of my first computer, which I have interred in a cigar box. With their brilliant green/blue peacock colors, they were too pretty to throw away. I hope nobody tells me that this is a horrifically toxic method of recycling computer parts.)

In the motherboard image I saw the beginnings of a “B” shape, so I clipped it out and manipulated it until it looked right, until it looked like whatever it was supposed to be. I tried to get a “B” word out of the universe, but I could find no great inspiration. I got “Bones” and “Brand” and “Business”, but they all seemed obtuse and false. My last thought around midnight was to put the image aside and wait for a time when its purpose would become clear.
This morning my sister texted me the news that David Bowie has passed away. He died yesterday. Cancer. He was 69.

I don’t know how to live in a world without David Bowie in it. I am sure I can learn, and I will learn, since I have no choice, but it sucks. I am not claiming to be a huge fan, I probably played more Elton John in my life than David Bowie. It’s just that if you were a teenager in the 70’s, David Bowie changed and shaped your world. A world without him is an alien world. The universe feels fragile when you wake up one morning, look out your window, and a mountain is gone. And the sky is the wrong color.


6 thoughts on “No GLP panel today, instead…

  1. Lovely post. How excellent that the universe handed you a B at what would become an appropriate time. And yes, the world seems diminished this morning. There was probably a baby born (or three) who will have a similar impact, but it won’t be from your youth. We form our world view when young. When parts of it disappear, there is a ragged hole that nothing quite patches.

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    • My soul is too rational to accept such gifts from the universe as anything but coincidence, but maybe Coincidence can be the name of one of my angels. One of the things I have discovered in getting older is that nothing can replace your losses. You can make new discoveries, you can love new people, you can live in new worlds, and these things help you function, and can bring delight. But loss leaves behind damage that time does not fix.


  2. A beautiful and rather poignant backstory to this piece Lin. I picked up on the likeness to computer components on your last panel before reading this, I thought it was just me being something of a techy geek but am pleased to find that’s just how you envisaged it. I too was saddened by Bowie’s recent death having grown up with his music and engaged with it more strongly over the past decade as my years advanced. I think he was a genuine visionary writing a large number of songs and lyrics which have only improved over time. He will never be forgotten by us or future generations because of this fact. Keep playing his records Lin and those feelings of loss will become a little more bearable. All the best to you x

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      • I do of course prefer his 70’s output (he lost his way in the 80’s & 90’s in my humble opinion) but you’re never too cool for Bowie. If he was good enough for actual cool people such as Iggy Pop, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, William Burroughs and Brian Eno then he’s certainly good enough for the likes of me.

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        • That’s an excellent way to perceive Bowie’s cool. My window of Bowie was opened from Aladdin Sane to Station to Station, and I own Ziggy Stardust and Low, but I confess I never played those much. After those albums, only his most popular singles impacted my universe. Compared to others who may be more serious about music, I am not a great fan. But for me to own 7 albums of the same artist, that’s unusual. Still, it wasn’t the music with Bowie so much as his presence. Just the fact that such a creature as he existed in my world was important.

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