Geranium Lake Properties, fugitive ambiguity

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski


11 thoughts on “Geranium Lake Properties, fugitive ambiguity

  1. Spectacular! I love this one, Lin. I love the bodiliness of it. And those offset central panels add such a dynamic quality.
    I know I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but your work is fascinating. You can lose yourself in the levels.

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    • Thank you, John. I am pleased that I can now achieve the line and depth of detail that is equal to (and in some ways surpasses) my pen-and-ink drawings of 20 years ago. The great advantage to the work I am doing now is I feel more free-wheeling and open to accidents and happenings than I was with my pen work.


  2. Another great multi-panel piece here Lin, all of the carefully woven tracks give this the appearance of some kind of alien circuit board. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Nash and his comment as to how there are many different levels in your work that demand attention, I always find myself staring at your panels for prolonged periods as I ‘read’ my way through the beautiful tangles and subtle shapes. All the best as ever Lin x

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    • I somehow missed this wonderful compliment.It’s always fascinating to me to hear that you occupy space and time with your “reading” that mirrors the space and time of my “writing”.

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