Geranium Lake Properties, undergo four pinpoints

Geranium Lake Properties, undergo four pinpoints
© lcmt 2016

Gettin’ back in touch with the black-and-white roots of GLP. Also the nonsensical and/or implausible titles.

Asemic comics will still be published here three times a week, on Tuesday(or Monday), Thursday(or Friday) and Sunday (or Saturday). The schedule for GLP might be somewhat irregular for a few weeks, as we settle into the new year.

2 thoughts on “Geranium Lake Properties, undergo four pinpoints

  1. Brilliant panel Lin, vintage GLP which as you know I’ve always been a huge fan of. The textures in this piece just makes me want run my fingers over it. Have you ever tried Braille asemic writing I wonder? All the best as ever, I’m certainly looking forward to what 2016 brings forth from you x

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    • I have never studied the Braille alphabet. That’s a good idea, I should take a look at it. Your comment about texture reminds me of old books and their ornate and gilded covers, and intaglio printed paper.

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