Geranium Lake Properties, kiGamnch Dart-and-Tile Boards


© lcmt 2015

Today’s comic is a kiGamnch Dart-and-Tile Board, used for various tabletop games that are a popular form of kiGamnch.

The “darts” are not sharp, they are shaped like lima beans, with six short rubber spikes. They are more like jacks than darts. Some people play kiGamnch with jacks instead of kiGamnch darts, but if you have an expensive inlaid kiGamnch table, metal jacks would marr the finish. You can slide, roll and toss the darts across the board. Your opponent has the option of using his darts to displace yours.

The tiles are similiar to mah jongg tiles, and there is even a form of kiGamnch you can play with mah jongg tiles. The most familiar kiGamnch tile is made of Catalin (a plastic similiar to Bakelite), but some players prefer bone, ivory or wood. For me, nothing else has that most satisfying “clack” of a Catalin kiGamnch tile. The tiles can also be triangular or pentagonal.

kiGamnch tiles made of scented soap are a popular gift among game enthusiasts, but they don’t use them in play. They are most often seen as a decorative item for the bathroom, packaged in attractive glass jars.

Bottom image: A double kiGamanch gameboard inlay for a tabletop, 36″ X 60″. This kind of table can be found in bars, diners and coffeehouses frequented by jackalopes.

Asemic comics are supposed to be published here three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, but I missed last Thursday because of minor life issues. My ISP has been having connection problems, and we’re having a heat-wave that is so out-of-proportion to our usual weather I find myself inclined to the attitude of “It’s too darn hot, I can’t be bothered” for even the slightest challenge.


2 thoughts on “Geranium Lake Properties, kiGamnch Dart-and-Tile Boards

    • It’s hard for me to be competitive at kiGamnch, I’m always getting distracted by its aesthetic qualities. And I don’t understand half the rules (that doesn’t stop me from arguing over them, however).

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